Our Mission

Christossites.com was founded to provide churches, non-profits, and people of conscience with the service they need to have a robust online presence. We exist to help further the mission of Christ in the world by helping Christian organizations develop an online presence.

Our Name

 The word “Christos” is an ancient Jewish word that means Messiah or Christ.

Values and Committments

Excellence: We pledge to offer great products and with top quality customer service.

Integrity: We pledge to uphold our contracts and promises, and to operate in transparency in our pricing. What you see is what you get.

Standing for Godly justice: We will never sell or profit from adult domains(i.e. .xxx, .adult, etc.) which profit largely from human sex trafficking. Many churches unknowingly buy their own domain names and hosting from companies that profit off of human trafficking.

Innovation: We commit to helping our customers streamline their website and design needs, which in turn will help customers innovate in fulfilling their missions in the digital space. 

Our Founder

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Davis has served in ministry for over twenty years, and in addition to serving local churches in pastoral ministry, regularly serves as a communications and technology consultant, educator, and freelancer. He regularly presents on technology in ministry, and is the director of the Healthy Churches institute and the owner of Christossites.com.